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Results ( 9 ) : 2014 - 2.

The Guest Editors’ Introduction

Authors: P. Popelier, W. Vandenbruwaene

Multi-Level Governance through a Constitutional Prism

Authors: W. Vandenbruwaene

Abstract: This article applies a constitutional lens to the multi-level governance concept as developed in the literature of political science. The approach of this article is twofold: the first part covers the semantics, and tries to disentangle multi-level...

The European Union as a ‘3-D’ Constitutional Space

Authors: A. Simoncini

Abstract: This article advances the hypothesis that the European constitution has to be considered a ‘space’: that in addition to the ‘classical’ judicial and political dimensions, there is a third constitutional dimension – the civic. A distinctive feature ...

The Regions within Multi-Level Governance: Enhanced Opportunities for Improved Accountability?

Authors: A. Cygan

Abstract: Multi-level governance has increasingly been recognized as a paradigm for EU integration. However, the role of regions and regional institutions within the integration process has been incoherent, and the participation of regions in EU decision-mak...

Asymmetry and Complex Adaptive (Legal) Systems: the Case of the European Union

Authors: G. Martinico

Abstract: The aim of this article is to investigate the consistency between asymmetry and integration in light of the specific features of EU law, described in this paper as a complex legal order. In order to do that I shall structure this work as follows: f...

‘Europe Clauses’ and Constitutional Strategies in the Face of Multi-Level Governance

Authors: P. Popelier

Abstract: This paper is confined to the question how national constitutional systems secure the jurisdictional integrity of both national and European law within national boundaries while at the same time providing legitimacy for European claims of authority...

Coupling National Identity with Subsidiarity Concerns in National Parliaments’ Reasoned Opinions

Authors: B. Guastaferro

Abstract: This article builds on the assumption that both the concept of subsidiarity and the concept of respect for national identities were introduced by the Maastricht Treaty to carry out the constitutional accommodation of national values and interests i...

EU Directives and Multi-Level Governance – Can Lessons Be Drawn from Cooperative Federalism?

Authors: T. Vandamme

Abstract: In this contribution, an attempt will be made to draw lines between the concepts of (cooperative) federalism, multi-level governance (MLG) and the European directive as a multi-tiered instrument. Can directives be regarded as federal by nature? And...

Helping Loose Ends Meet? The Judicial Acknowledgement of Soft Law as a Tool of Multi-Level Governance

Authors: O. Ştefan

Abstract: In the established multi-level governance system of the European Union, the Court of Justice was instrumental in framing a supranational constitution. Over recent years, a vast variety of soft law and soft methods of governance were put in place, ‘...