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Results ( 9 ) : 2015 - 4.

Regulatory Stability under Russian and EU Energy Law

Authors: A. Boute

Abstract: Regulatory instability and unpredictability are important concerns for energy investors in Russia – concerns that are exacerbated by the deteriorating economic situation, structural changes in global energy markets and increasing geopolitical tensi...

The European Collective Redress Debate after the European Commission’s Recommendation: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Authors: C.I. Nagy

Abstract: The paper examines, through the prism of the European Commission’s Recommendation, the European approach on collective redress. First, it demonstrates that the introduction of collective redress in respect of small claims is necessary and the opt-o...

The ‘Market Economy Investor Principle’ to Evaluate State Aid: Latest Developments and New Perspectives

Authors: S. Cornella

Abstract: The MEIP has traditionally played a central role to establish whether State measures entail a selective advantage under Article 107 TFEU. However, it is not completely clear whether the MEIP can be considered a ‘principle’, or a ‘test’, since both ...

Saying All the Right Things and Still Getting It Wrong: The Court of Justice’s Definition of Disability and Non-Discrimination Law

Authors: L. Waddington

Abstract: This article explores and reviews the approach of the Court of Justice of the EU to defining disability under the Employment Equality Directive and concentrates, in particular, on the two most recent cases which were decided in 2014: Z and Kaltoft ...

Excessive Public Debt and Social Rights in the Eurozone Periphery: The Greek Case

Authors: K. Chrysogonos, T. Zolotas, A. Pavlopoulos

Abstract: In recent years a number of Eurozone Member States that had accumulated excessive public debt during the last decade were forced to apply for financial assistance in the form of loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other Eurozone Me...

Google Spain: Addressing Critiques and Misunderstandings One Year Later

Authors: P. De Hert, V. Papakonstantinou

Regulatory Scrutiny of Subsidiarity and Proportionality

Authors: A. Meuwese, S. Gomtsian

Abstract: As the monitoring of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality is mostly left up to the EU institutions, internal quality control bodies could play an important role in developing tests and standards which represent part of ‘subsidiarity a...