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Results ( 5 ) : 2009 - 3.

EU Soft Law in Domestic Legal Systems: Flexibility and Diversity Guaranteed?

Authors: E. Korkea-aho

Abstract: New modes of governance are proliferating at all levels, most prominently in the EU. One main characteristic of new governance is adjustability and revisability in the form of soft law. The non-binding nature of soft law is said to contribute to fl...

The European Court of Justice: What Are the Limits of Its Exclusive Jurisdiction?

Authors: T. Lock

Abstract: The article explores the limits of the ECJ's exclusive jurisdiction by addressing two main issues: firstly, whether there are exceptions to that exclusivity, such as the application of the CILFIT case law or the exclusion of Community law from the ...

On the Jurisprudential Significance of the Emergent State Practice Concerning Foreign Nationals Merely Suspected of Involvement with Terrorist Offences

Authors: B. Chigara

Abstract: This article examines emergent state practice of European States concerning foreign nationals that are merely suspected but not charged with involvement with terrorist offences, including deportation to destinations where they risk torture, inhuman...