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Results ( 8 ) : 2013 - 3.

The Maastricht Journal at Twenty

Authors: E. Muir, J. Smits

The Evolution of the EU Economic Governance since the Treaty of Maastricht: An Unfinished Task

Authors: A. De Streel

Abstract: This paper reviews the evolution of the Economic and Monetary Union from its inception in 1992 with the Treaty of Maastricht to the most recent reforms adopted in 2013 to respond to the eurocrisis. The paper describes the evolution of the four pill...

Three Shifts in EU Competition Policy: Towards Standards, Decentralization, Settlements

Authors: P. Ibáñez Colomo

Abstract: EU competition policy has undergone fundamental transformations over the past 20 years. The changes observed are substantive, procedural and institutional in nature. Two decades ago, EU competition policy was enforced centrally by the Commission in...

The Transformation of Consumer Law in the EU in the Last 20 Years

Authors: J. Stuyck

Abstract: In the early years consumer protection was an exception to the logic of the internal market. Since the case of Dassonville in 1974, the CJEU has recognized the power of Member States to restrict free movement by reasonable measures in the interest ...

EU Environmental Law: Sources, Instruments and Enforcement – Reflections on Major Developments over the Last 20 Years

Authors: A. Epiney

Abstract: The purpose of the present paper – in line with the concept of the whole issue – is to examine some cross-cutting questions of a constitutional nature in EU environmental law (innovative use of sources of EU law, regulatory instruments and aspects ...

Sources of Law, Regulatory Processes and Enforcement Mechanisms in EU Migration Policy: The Slow Decline of National Sovereignty

Authors: A. Wiesbrock

Abstract: As a relatively new area of EU law, the governance and enforcement of EU migration policies continues to differ in many respects from other EU policy areas. The quasi-absence of rights of third country nationals under EU primary law as well as the ...

European Criminal Law as an Exercise in EU ‘Experimental’ Constitutional Law

Authors: E. Herlin-karnell

Abstract: This contribution explores the evolution of European criminal law through the prism of EU constitutional law and its experimental elements. The paper charts the history of European criminal law by reflecting on the question of to what degree crimin...