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Results ( 14 ) : 2014 - 3.

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of International Private Regulation in the Corporate Social Responsibility Arena: A Legal Perspective

Authors: M. Scheltema

Abstract: The effectiveness of international private regulation can be assessed from many perspectives, including legal, behavioural, governance and consequential aspects, impact, acceptance/governance and behavioural aspects. Although all of these perspecti...

The Price of EU Citizenship: The Maltese Citizenship-for-Sale Affair and the Principle of Sincere Cooperation in Nationality Matters

Authors: S. Carrera

Abstract: How much does European citizenship cost in the EU? This was the question that has raised so much controversy over the Maltese citizenship-for-sale programme. The outright selling of Maltese nationality to rich foreigners led to unprecedented respon...

English Pragmatism and Italian Virtue: A Comparative Analysis of the Regime of Illegally Obtained Evidence in Civil Law Proceedings between Italy and England

Authors: V. Breda, M. Vricella

Abstract: This article provides a comparative analysis of the Italian and the English regimes of improperly or illegally obtained evidence (hereafter IOE) in civil law cases. We will use the term regime to indicate the system of rules and juridical practices...

On Banks, Courts and International Law: The Intergovernmental Agreement on the Single Resolution Fund in Context

Authors: F. Fabbrini

Abstract: In May 2014, 26 Member States of the EU concluded an intergovernmental agreement on the transfer and mutualization of contribution to the Single Resolution Fund (SRF). This international treaty constitutes a core component of the second pillar of t...

Societas Unius Personae (SUP): Facilitating Cross-Border Establishment

Authors: C. Teichmann, A. Fröhlich