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David Bowie Unveils Unreleased Version of ‘Let’s Dance’ as NFT!

• An unreleased song of late music icon David Bowie has been transformed into a music non-fungible token.
• Gala Music, Larry Dvoskin and Warner Chappell Music have partnered to launch a limited edition collection of NFTs featuring the track.
• The NFT release is expected to provide collectors with exclusive access to the previously unheard version of “Let’s Dance” and support MusiCares charity.

NFT Release Featuring David Bowie’s Unreleased Version of “Let’s Dance”

An unreleased version of the iconic musician David Bowie’s 1983 hit song “Let’s Dance” has recently been transformed into a music non-fungible token (NFT). Gala Music, a subsidiary of Web3 startup Gala Games, has teamed up with music producer Larry Dvoskin and publisher Warner Chappell Music to launch a limited edition collection of NFTs featuring the track.

Unique Visual and Auditory Experience for Collectors

The expected outcome from this release is that it will create an unparalleled visual and auditory experience for collectors, granting them exclusive access to an attractive piece of musical history while honoring the life and work of the legendary artist. This marks the first time that an unheard version of Bowie’s song will be available on this platform.

“Bowie on the Blockchain” Collection

This isn’t Bowie’s estate first venture into blockchain technology either; in 2022 they collaborated with OpenSea NFT marketplace to introduce a collection called “Bowie on the Blockchain”. This endeavor was met with criticism from fans who did not believe it aligned with his principles or beliefs. Despite this, Starly – a decentralized platform serving the NFT market – released another NFT collection shortly thereafter.

Enhancing Fan Engagement Through NFTs

The music industry has seen considerable growth in their utilization of NFTs as a way to enhance fan engagement, deliver exclusive content, and establish additional revenue streams. Popular artists like Kings Of Leon, Grimes and Aphex Twin have all embraced these tokens as part of their projects – leading to innovative ways for fans to interact with music in digital spaces.

Proceeds Support MusiCares Charity

Gala Music plans to launch 3,003 Bowie-inspired artwork NFTs on April 14th – exactly four decades after the original release date – which can be purchased on a “pay-what-you-wish” basis. Initial profits generated by these purchases will go towards supporting MusiCares charity – offering health and human services primarily geared towards people in need within the music industry.