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OKX Introduces Signal Trading: Automated Strategies for Crypto Traders


• OKX, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange, is launching Signal Trading in August-September 2023, a marketplace where users can access automated trading strategies based on technical analysis.
• Signal Trading will be integrated with TradingView, enabling signal providers and traders to create signals directly on the leading charting platform.
• A pre-launch waitlist is available now for signal providers and institutions.

Benefits of Signal Trading

Signal Trading provides numerous benefits for both signal providers and traders alike. For signal providers, it offers expansion opportunities by listing signals on OKX’s Signal Trading platform, giving them access to a wide range of potential customers. Additionally, it integrates with TradingView which allows them to create signals directly on the charting platform. This significantly reduces latency and costs typically associated with listing signals on third-party platforms. As for traders, they can avoid subscription fees associated with third-party platforms while benefitting from reduced latency issues that are often present when using these services. Furthermore, using a trusted exchange such as OKX gives traders peace of mind knowing their funds are secure while providing them with an array of signal providers to choose from and compare.

Integration With TradingView

By integrating Signal Trading with TradingView , users will be able to create customized signals directly on the charting platform without having to manually enter data into other third-party applications or programs . In addition , they will be able specify the desired action , instrument , and any other parameters associated with that particular trading signal . This not only saves time but also makes executing trades easier as all necessary data has already been entered into the platform .

Pre-Launch Waitlist

OKX has announced that a pre-launch waitlist is now available for interested users and signal providers who wish to be among the first people notified when Signal Trading launches in August/September 2023 . By joining this list , they can stay up-to – date about any developments or announcements made prior to launch .


OKX’s upcoming launch of Signal Trading is set to revolutionize how users trade cryptocurrencies by offering an automated solution backed by top tier technology . It provides advantages for both signal providers and traders while reducing manual entry errors and unlocking new trading opportunities for everyone involved .